I’m sorry.

Now I’m all out of ideas and baby, I’m down to my last cigarette.

Now I’m all out of ideas and baby, I’m down to my last cigarette.

“the courage it took to get out of bed eachmorningto face the same thingsover and overwasenormous.” 

“the courage it took to get out of bed each
to face the same things
over and over

Title: Let's Dance to Joy Division Artist: The Wombats 31 plays
Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

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I should go out.

Do you have any nicknames for the person you love/like? Does he/she have any nicknames for you? Yes and Idk.

Do you have any of your neighbors as friends on Facebook? No, and besides I don’t fb that much.

How did you meet the last person that messaged you on Facebook? Ugh I need to check fb. Wait. Oh, Fernee, my cousin.

What genre is your top Most Played song on iTunes? Indie.

When was the last time you thought about sex, or sexual things? Uhhhh, Idk. last week? Or days ago? idk. 

What was the last thing you heated up in your microwave? Pasta.

How many people have you kissed since the start of 2013? 0.

Do you still care about your ex? I don’t have one.

When was the last time you saw/spoke to someone you dislike? Does that person know you dislike them? Idk. hahah Idk why I’m even answering this survey haha. But yeah I don’t speak to people I don’t like. 

Have you ever had a friend whose parents you didn’t like? Yas.

Has anyone told you recently that they like/fancy you? Yas.

When you were small, what did you imagine being a “grown-up” -would be like? Is it anything like you expected? Like some rich ass working babe and it’s very far from what I expected.

If you were told that you were going to spend the rest of your life with the last person you kissed, would that make you happy? So that makes me forever alone? Oh. Okay.

Are you “in love” with someone? Here comes the love thing. Yas.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how nice (“nice” referring to your personality), would you say you are? Why? Solid 10. No explanations needed.

Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory? How about Glee? TBBT, Hell to the yas. Glee, I stopped during the 2nd season.

If you married the last person that liked your Facebook status, what would your new last name be? Like I said, I don’t fb a lot so Idk whose status i did like.

Whose birthday is coming up next in your friendship group? X. Toms. Happy Birthday, Love.

Have you ever kissed anyone named Michael or Michaela? No. Never been kissed. You don’t have to rub it in tho.

It’s 3am and you’re not asleep - why? Cause my sleeping schedule is fucked up? Idk really. 3 am thoughts. Huehuehue.

List the names of the last 10 people that Facebook messaged you. How about No. I’ll just delete those questions concerning those people then. 

When was the last time you drank alcohol? Do you know when the next time will be? Christmas. Yes. 

What exactly happened the last time you drank alcohol? Nothing crazy. I am allergic tho so yeah.

Do you have a favourite photo of yourself? Tell me about it? No. And no.

When was the last time you ate a doughnut? What type of doughnut was it? Monday? Oh it was something from KK.

What do you plan to do tomorrow? Get wasted cause reasons.